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Solar FAQ

How much money will I save on my electric bill?

The potential savings from a solar photovoltaic (PV) system will depend on several factors, including your current utility rate structure, the size of the solar PV system you install and the amount of sunshine your PV system will receive.

Your solar contractor should be able to provide you with an estimate based on these and other factors.

What size solar PV system do I need?
Several factors will influence the size of the solar PV system you need. Determining your present electricity needs is a first step in sizing your solar PV system. You should conduct an energy efficiency survey of your home or business before you determine the size of the system—by installing energy efficiency measures, you'll require less energy and could save thousands of dollars on panels.
What happens during a power outage?
Your solar PV system is designed to shutdown immediately for safety reasons, unless it includes a battery storage system.
Can my city, homeowners association or neighbor prohibit me from installing solar PV system on my roof?

No. The California Solar Rights Act, enacted in 1978, limits the ability of codes, covenants and restrictions to restrict solar PV installations.

Is the power produced by the solar PV system any different from the utility power? Will it hurt my home appliances or business equipment?
No. The electricity generated by your solar PV system is no different from electricity delivered by your local utility. The solar PV system connects directly to your utility panel or circuit breaker box, so it interfaces seamlessly with your utility power.
Does a solar PV system have to meet local building codes?

Yes. You will probably need to obtain a permit from the city or county building department and may be required to purchase a building permit and/or electrical permit to legally begin installation. Your contractor should be able to assist you with local permitting issues.

Can I install a solar PV system myself?
While uncommon, self-installations are allowed so long as proper building permits are obtained and local codes are followed.
How much do solar PV systems cost?

How much you pay for a PV system depends on many factors, including system type and configuration, the difficulty of installation and available incentives. To be clear, the costs mentioned here are the installed costs. This means the final cost (before rebates) to the consumer for the equipment and labor to install and connect a PV system.

The installed cost of a residential system typically ranges from $8 to $10/watt, while larger commercial and industrial systems typically cost $6 to $9/watt. Generally speaking, the larger the system the lower the cost. Contact a local contractor to receive a quote.