2-Step Application Process

Step # 1: Submit Reservation Application Package

To reserve an incentive, please submit the following documentation:

  1. EPBI Calculator printout identifying the intended system equipment and  production capacity

  2. Completed Reservation Application Form and Program Contract with Signatures
    Reservation Application Form
  3. Documentation of an Energy Efficiency Audit, if you have not met Title 24 or other exemptions. Title 24 documentation mandatory for all new construction.
    Residential audit
    Facilities assessment audit(non residential)

  4. Copy of signed Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form
    Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form Non Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form
  5. Copy of signed Energy Efficiency Commitment Agreement (Nonresidential; Existing Commercial buildings ≥ 100,000 sq ft and Benchmarking < 75) (Proof of Benchmarking Documentation required)
    Non Residential Energy Efficiency Commitment Agreement
  6. Copy of executed contract for System Purchase and Installation

  7. Copy of Executed Alternative System Ownership Agreement (if System Owner is
    different than Host Customer)

  8. Proof of at least 15 percent above current Title 24 standards (for new construction only)

  9. Copy of New Construction Building Permit (for new construction only)

  10. Building Site Plan (for new construction only)

  11. Certification of tax-exempt status (Gov't and Nonprofit only)

Step # 2: Submit Incentive Claim Form Package

Upon Project completion and interconnection, and prior to the Reservation Expiration Date, the Applicant must submit the following documentation to request an incentive payment:

  1. Incentive Claim Form with Signatures
    Incentive Claim Form
  2. Printout of EPBI Tool Calculation (if different from printout submitted with Application Package) 

  3. Copy of Retro-commissioning Report (Existing Commercial buildings ≥ 100,000sq ft and Benchmarking < 75)

The PA will verify interconnection prior to any incentive payment.